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We apologize for this inconvenience, but the browser or browser version that you are currently using to access this application is not supported.

We have compiled a list of browsers (shown below) that are freely available for most systems. Please choose an appropriate browser from this list and install the latest available version.
This will provide you with the necessary security, performance, and functionality as required by this application. Thank you for your time and consideration in doing this.

Supported browsers:

Google Chrome (Windows, Mac, Linux)
Firefox (Windows, Mac, Linux)
Apple Safari (Windows, Mac)

Internet Explorer 7.0 to Internet Explorer 10 (Windows only) Users with Internet Explorer 11 must update the settings for their browser to compatibility mode to access the site.
How to configure compatibility mode for Internet Explorer 11:
1. Open Internet Explorer 11.
2. Hold down 'Alt' key.
3. Select Tools > Compatibility View Settings.

Menu Image

4. Enter the portal address in the Add this website field, which can be found in the address bar at the top of your browser:

Address Bar

Select Add, then Close.

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5. Refresh your browser or reload the page, and it should be displayed correctly.